Brown Scapular Cloth Necklace
Brown Scapular Cloth Necklace

Brown Scapular Cloth Necklace

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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel said,“This will be the sign of the privilege that I have obtained for thee and for the children of Carmel; whoever dies clothed with this habit will be preserved from the eternal flames.” This particular Brown Scapular is extremely sturdy and made to last.

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“Dog tags” is an informal term for the identification tags worn by military personnel, because of their resemblance to animal registration tags. The tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers. In a sense, the Brown Scapular (or Scapular Medal) is our “Catholic Dog Tag.” The Brown Scapular, revealed to St. Simon Stock in 1251, was a way for us, upon our death, to be identified as a child of God.

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