Holy Alliance Bangle Bracelet
Holy Alliance Bangle Bracelet
Holy Alliance Bangle Bracelet

Holy Alliance Bangle Bracelet

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Introducing our newest member of the squad, the Holy Alliance Bangle Bracelet. This adjustable charm bracelet is jam-packed with our favorite secret weapons, while still offering a minimalistic, chic design that can be easily incorporated into your daily wear.  

Religious medals are powerful sacramentals that prepares a person to receive grace and disposes him/her to cooperate with it. The wearing of a religious medal is a good, pious practice which keeps us mindful of the protection and love of the image it bears. The faithful, who devoutly wear a medal, properly blessed by any priest, obtain a partial indulgence.

Imagine the graces received by wearing all of these most treasured medals of our Catholic Faith! And, how cool would it be to have your own holy alliance with you all the time?! 

Holy Alliance Squad of Medals Attached: {medals are approx. 1/2" in size}

  • Crucifix
  • St. Benedict
  • Miraculous Medal
  • Holy Spirit
  • St. Joseph / Holy Family
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus / Our Lady of Fatima
  • Natural Garnet Handmade Gemstone

Qualifies as Wearing Scapular

This does qualify as a “Scapular Medal” that is allowed to replace the wearing of the cloth Brown Scapular, per Pope St. Pius X’s regulations in 1910 … Sacred Heart on one side, image of Our Lady on the other side

Design, Materials & Plating

In order to honor these most revered religious medals, we made the choice to have them plated in sterling silver/24k gold to revere our guiding powers.

We chose to construct this bracelet out of stainless steel because of its sheer strength. It is a skin-friendly, low-maintenance, durable metal that can stand up to the test of your daily life. With this toughness, higher resistance to corrosion, and anti-tarnish properties, you'll find that it won't discolor over time or lose its shape despite the necessary squeezing + expansion of this style bracelet.

For our gold version, we chose 14k gold plating [as compared to 24k] because it is comprised of 14-parts gold and 10 parts alloy, which gives the finish a higher level of durability without sacrificing the beautiful luster of gold. The base metal is stainless steel, giving it the optimal potential described above, but the gold finish does make it more susceptible to outside forces. 

Stainless Steel itself is not affected by water, but we suggest you may as well take precautions when possible, especially because the medals are sterling silver/24k gold plated and are more sensitive to the elements. Sterling silver and Gold are precious metals. The care and keeping of precious metals is both important and required of jewelry owners. Wear and tear is inevitable over time but the effects can be lessened with the proper care. Here are a few sites with helpful tips we have come across:  Precious Metal Care & Cleaning Guide ; Jewelry Care ; Comprehensive Precious Metals Guide 

Available in both silver and gold to easily complement your staple accessories, adding just the right touch to your everyday.

The sleek, classy features add a sophisticated feel that creates a timeless look for all ages and the sturdy, adjustable construction makes the bracelet a one-size-fits-all that can be easily slipped on and off. Washing your hands or typing on the computer? Either pop it off OR simply slide it up higher on your forearm with its expandable feature!

The bracelet was designed to be easily incorporated into your life - materials that stand the test, and charms small and delicate so you can have the confidence to go about your routine without having to think twice about it getting in the way.

We know gemstones hold great beauty, so we found it essential to add one to the alliance. Garnet represents the Blood of Christ, which is a constant reminder of Christ’s amazing sacrifice, and how all of us are covered in the protection of the Blood of Christ.

As the medals rotate around on your wrist all day, you'll have a constant reminder of all the strong forces who have your back.

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