Combat Rosary - Silver Tone

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Combat Rosary - Silver Tone

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The Combat Rosary is based upon the original pull chain rosary that was commissioned and procured by, believe it or not, the U.S. government and issued by the military, upon request, to soldiers serving in World War I. Some of these rosaries were also seen in WWII. Veterans recognize them as "Service Rosaries." This Combat Rosary's use of the Pardon Crucifix, Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict Medal makes it a powerful spiritual assault weapon against evil forces attempting to separate us from the love of God and His will for our lives. While so many rosaries today break easily, the Combat Rosary was made tough to endure. Rosary is 100% guaranteed not to break. If you ever have a problem with your rosary, we will replace it absolutely FREE!


Rosary is 20 3/4" in length total

Chain is 13" in length

Cross is 2 1/4" long x 1 3/8" wide

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Customer Reviews

7 Reviews "Combat Rosary - Silver Tone"

Best Rosary
Kiel September 18, 2017
I work in a industrial environment, for fun I am active with my wife and 3 kids, and I ALWAYS have my rosary in my watch pocket of my jeans. This is the only rosary I have had for 3 to 5 years. I recently gave it away and bought another one. If you want a rosary that you don't need to treat like it's made of glass then purchase this one.
Bernadette September 5, 2017
This Rosary is very beautiful; more beautiful than I expected.
It comes with a small drawstring pouch and a concealed carry license.
JERRY August 10, 2017
I have had my rosary for 3 years - it holds up well to daily use - I keep it in a leather rosary pouch so it doesn't make noise or get tangled in my pants pocket. I've showed it to many many of my friends, most of whom are veterans, who are intrigued with the history of the combat rosary. Many of them have purchased the rosary.
So nice I cam back for more!
Ken August 16, 2016 Ordered one for myself and it was great. A friend heard Fr. Heilman on my radio show and said he was going to get one so I got it for him as a gift. Showed mine to another friend, a Navy guy, and he said he liked it so I got him one as well. These are men that I would go to war with and what a privilege to be doing battle with them with these beautiful rosaries!
A Blessing...
Andrea March 31, 2016 I have had this rosary for a little over a year now. It goes everywhere with me during the day, and is under my pillow at night. It has been used most days since it's purchase last year, yet it still looks new. It is as tough as it is beautiful. It doesn't fall apart! It is one of the nicest things I own, and I hope to pass it on to my kids. I can say without hesitation that this is worth the money. So glad to have something that I don't have to replace every few months. A wonderful item.
Spiritual weapon for today
Jeff February 10, 2016 Daughter gave me my rosary for Christmas. Truly a weapon for today's times. I've read reviews saying it is "loud" as it makes clinking noises. I carry mine in my pocket and you'd never no it was there. Built to last!
WOW, You'll love having these
Walter November 29, 2015 OK, I've had every type of Rosary out there and every single one of them broke. That was until I found the Combat Rosary. I love these (so will you), so well put together that they still look as good as the day I purchased them back in February of 2015. They have a good weight to them, you know when holding them that they feel as strong in your hand as the prayers said on them. I have to say that they are beautiful and perfect.

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