4-way Scapular Medal - Sterling Silver Plated - SMALL
4-way Scapular Medal - Sterling Silver Plated - SMALL

4-way Scapular Medal - Sterling Silver Plated - SMALL

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* Please note, this was previously called our Petite Scapular Medal *

We are excited to introduce this Small Scapular Medal, especially for women. This Four Way Scapular medal is extremely unique, as most others do not have the Benedict Medal, and Roman Catholic Gear has exclusive rights to this petite size Scapular Medal that includes the Benedict Medal.

In 1910, Pope St. Pius X introduced a Scapular Medal which may be substituted in most cases for any of the various scapulars. Valid enrollment in the (cloth) scapulars must, however, be made before the substitution. The condition for this substitution is that this medal has an image of Our Most Holy Redeemer, Jesus Christ, showing His Sacred Heart, and the obverse that of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

According to Father John Hardon’s Catholic Dictionary the scapular medal may be worn for any reason even for reasons of convenience. The scapular medal has all the same indulgences that are associated with cloth scapular.

What makes this Four Way Scapular Medal one of the most popular is that this one medal combines the bulk of four medals into one convenient piece. Individually the medals would be heavy to wear and costly to buy, but together they form one simple pendant.

Pendant measures 5/8"

Chain length: 18"

*Silver plated chain may tarnish over time. If it does, polish with care. Rigorous polishing can wear down the silver surface.

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