Peace Through Strength Challenge Coin - Roman Catholic Gear
Peace Through Strength Challenge Coin - Roman Catholic Gear

Peace Through Strength Challenge Coin™

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Peace Through Strength Challenge Coin –Challenge Coins date back to WWI (some say as far back asthe Roman Empire) and were meant to be a sign of camaraderie in facing the demands of some particular challenge. In most cases, it would be military units during a wartime period.

The “Peace Through Strength Challenge” is about our resolve to become strong in God’s supernatural power; the only power capable of defeating the satanic forces of evil (Ephesians 6:10-12). Carry this coin as a constant reminder of your resolve to accept the call to become supernaturally strong, as you say, "I'M GOING IN!"

On the front of the coin, the image of Our Lady comes from a famous sculpture entitled “Regina Pacis”(Queen of Peace) found at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome. The sculpture was commissioned in 1918 by Pope Benedict XV during WWI. That means this is the 100th anniversary of this beautiful sculpture. The titles for Mary on the Challenge Coin are both Regina Pacis (Queen of Peace)
and Virgo Potens (Virgin Most Powerful). Fr. Chad Ripperger has asked all of us to call out to Mary under this title of Virgo Potens, as we face this fierce spiritual battle in our times. Together, the two titles for Mary point to “Peace Through Strength” which is inscribed in Latin on the Challenge Coin: “Per VirtutembPax” (Peace Through Strength).

On the reverse side of the coin is the image of St. Michael the Archangel. The image comes from a very famous 6th century painting of St. Michael, which hangs in Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome. In this spiritual battle, we call out to St. Michael the Archangel. The inscription, “defénde nos in proélio,” which is Latin for “Defend us in battle,” comes from the St. Michael Prayer which is prayed after all Low Masses in the Extraordinary Form.

On the side of the coin, at twelve o’clock, is the first word the priest prays as he approaches the altar to offer the Traditional Latin Mass: “Introibo,” which translates to “I will go in.” At six o’clock, on the side of the Challenge Coin, are the words, “I’m Going In,” which is the battle cry of every warrior who accepts the challenge of putting their very life on the line in battle.

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