Knights of Columbus Combat Rosary™ - Silver
Knights of Columbus Combat® Rosary - Silver - Roman Catholic Gear
Knights of Columbus Combat® Rosary - Silver - Roman Catholic Gear

Knights of Columbus Combat Rosary™ - Silver

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The original Combat Rosary™ adorned with the new centerpiece that displays the KC logo on the front and Our Lady of Guadalupe on the back.

Combat Rosary™ Description

  • This is the “authentic” Combat Rosary™ originally designed by Father Richard Heilman, who was inspired to design this Combat Rosary® based on the 1916 WWI US Government military issue pull chain service rosary.
  • Others have, sadly, lifted Father Heilman’s intellectual property by exactly duplicating Father Heilman’s Combat Rosary™, including the name itself.
  • Father Heilman’s “authentic” Combat Rosary™ has a greater feel, weight and sturdiness than imitations.
  • Father Heilman designed this Combat Rosary™ to use the most powerful of sacramentals by adding the Miraculous Medal, Benedict Medal and Pardon Crucifix, which makes it a powerful spiritual assault weapon against evil forces.
  • The Pontifical Swiss Guard (who guard the Pope) now, daily, carries Father Heilman’s authentic Gun Metal Combat Rosary™, as there rosary.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary™ comes in four colors: Silver, Gold, Bronze and Gun Metal.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary™ includes a “Combat Rosary Concealed Carry Card” that is a humorous way to remind us that, as Padre Pio says, this is a mighty weapon against the power of Satan.
  • This authentic Combat Rosary™ includes a business card size (for your wallet to have handy to give to a priest) "Exorcism & Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict" and the “Traditional Rosary Blessing.”
  • NOW INCLUDES the new pocket sized Genuine Lambskin Leather Combat Pouch!
  • This authentic Combat Rosary™ is among the strongest rosaries ever created, which includes double split ring connectors.

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