Combat Rosaries for Heroes, January 8 Recipient

Doug Koury- nominated by his mother Barb Koury:

My son spent 8 years as an officer in the US Navy. He spent 4 years in NROTC during college while studying engineering where his summers were spent on overseas "cruises" to train for his missions. After college he went to Navy Nuclear Power school and then to dive school to become a dive officer on the ship. You cannot complete dive school unless you have the hero mentality to give it all for others!

Next he was assigned to a nuclear submarine anchored in Guam. He had many deployments in the South Pacific. One mission took him out of communications with us for 5 months! Food, water and oxygen were rationed!

The years he spent on the sub took tremendous acts of courage, faith and hope. Prayer, ours and his, got him through the many stressful days under the sea. He also had much responsibility on the ship in addition to having sailors much older than him under his command. He re-enlisted for 2 more years and was assigned a stateside job teaching nuclear engineering and navy science at the Citadel. My son is my hero because he gave up many years of his youth to serve our nation. I watched him work through tremendous struggles, and with prayer, he persevered.