Combat Rosaries for Heroes, January 7 Recipient

Charles Preble- nominated by his wife Holly:

My husband Charles Preble is my hero. He has been deployed 4 times in service of our country. Words fail me when describing him. He is 6'4 and when adults see him coming they give him a wide berth. Babies, small children, and animals flock to him. Chuck loves his family, his friends, and his nation with an unfailing devotion that is rarely seen.

His second born son is named for a fellow soldier and friend who was killed in action in Iraq. Chuck still keeps tabs on this friend's widow even though his friend has been gone for 12 years and she has moved on. He is ever faithful and devoted. He served the military for 27 years and was retired 2 months ago with 2 titanium rods and 5 bolts in his spine.