Combat Rosaries for Heroes, January 4 Recipient

My Dad Michael Reid served in the Navy as a Corpsman from 1997-2011. He loved taking care of other military members and their family.

In 2009, he was deployed to Haiti on the USNS Comfort in response to the earth quake that devastated the country. He was selected as a wound care specialist and took care of over 500 patients. One of which was an 8-year-old boy named Chandler Andrea who my dad helped save his leg and maybe his life. My dad took care of Chandler for 3 months changing his bandages every day.

The day before he was going to be released from the ship, my dad figured out Chandler had a bad infection in his knee. He had the surgeon look at his knee and it was confirmed, his knee joint was infected. My dad was also an operating room technician and went into surgery where he washed out Chandler's knee. The surgeon told my dad that if he hadn't paid such great attention to the care of this child, he would have lost his leg from the knee down.

My dad checked on Chandler every day and was even going to adopt him if his family wasn’t found. His mother did show up and my dad took him to the helicopter and he left with his mother off the ship. My dad says he thinks about the kids in Haiti every day and wonders how Chandler is doing. He says that maybe one day Chandler will show up at our door because Chandler said he wanted to be a doctor and My dad said he told him he wanted Chandler to find him when he became a doctor.

My dad helped a lot of patients while he served in the military. I know that giving him a combat rosary touched by Christ's cross would bring him protection and comfort every day of his life. My Dad suffered a severe TBI this year and has recovered completely. He said, “I know that Mary intervened.” He prays the rosary every day since his accident. He would love this combat rosary if selected.

Thank you and God bless,

Sean Reid

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