Combat Rosaries for Heroes January 3 Recipient

Thomas Allen Binkley, Sergeant First Class (SFC), U.S. Army, Retired

Submitted by his son, Jason Binkley:

"My dad spent 30 years serving our country in various capacities: from the Gulf War in ’91 as a Marine providing aid to Kurds in Norther Iraq, to Operation Iraqi freedom in the Army National Guard, serving various years, including a tour on a Military Transition Team (MITT) providing combat training to Iraqi military.

During his service he was disabled, and had to retire from his military and federal technician job, leaving him, like so many, unsure about his place in the world. 

Through true conversion and prayer this man has begun to win the most difficult battle he has ever fought, which is the battle against self … that process of emptying and refilling with the love of God. Of course, he’d never talk about this himself, but it is the reality. He’s not a saint, but he’s a hero, and deserves to be recognized as one. 

The picture is my dad with my oldest daughter in 2009. He had a layover in Germany on his way home from one of his tours in Iraq, while me and my family were stationed there, and we drove out to see him. The Germany airport security let us meet in an empty terminal.

This is such a cool thing you all are doing. Me and my dad were both in the Army, and were deployed at the same time in 2004, with different units. I saw him occasionally in country, and we even were able to do some humanitarian missions together (Iraq was a wild west back then). We spent Christmas 2004 together at FOB Anaconda, playing ping-pong in an MWR tent, since I was stuck there during out processing, and he was stationed there at the time. This is a great honor, and incredibly relevant. It will mean the world to him. Thank you."

Roman Catholic Gear is sending Jason a "touched" Combat Rosary, as well :-)