Combat Rosaries for Heroes, January 22 Recipient

My son, Roy Banes Jr. served with the Oklahoma Thunderbirds, 45th. Infantry Division, National Guard Unit. He was deployed first time to Iraq, where he served gallantly and honorably. Pulled away from his family and his job to fight for our country and for what it stands for. Then, upon his return, he was deployed again to Afghanistan for another tour of duty, where he also served gallantly and has since been promoted to Major. He is still serving in the Guard to this day.

Prior to his deployment, he was sent along with his unit to assist in the flooding during the aftermath of Katrina in Louisiana. Prior to that he served for four years in the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Japan as a crew chief on a helicopter unit. This is my hero and I am extremely proud of this Warrior who served his Country, gallantly and with bravery.


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