Combat Rosaries for Heroes, January 10 Recipient

A Mother’s Story My Beautiful Baby - My Compassionate Boy - My Wonderful Teen - My Marine - My Awesome Warrior - My Purple Heart Recipient - My Gunnery Sergeant - Retired at 15 years 100 percent disabled veteran - My Christ Loving Son Andy.

Andy was raised in a loving family with an older sister, a younger brother and two younger sisters. He had seven acres to roam that we owned and 300 acres a neighbor owned as well. Lots of bike riding, sled riding, dirt biking, quad riding, fishing and his favorite pastime, hunting. It truly was a time when kids could be wild and free.

He was in the JROTC program at school and really enjoyed it. He was 16 years old when the twin towers were hit and he signed up for the United States Marine Corps through the early entry process and left home right after high school graduation. He was 0311 Infantry. He spent 15 years of his life serving our Beloved United States of America and just recently retired with a medical discharge.

Through it all he managed to get married stay married and has three beautiful children. His younger brother also a former marine. It would take thousands upon thousands of words to tell his 15 year story and what our family has been through. Just last night he and I sat together and prayed the rosary. Stay Close To Him!!! I am a happy mother- I can finally HUG my son!