Combat Rosaries for Heroes January 1 Recipient

Rowan Bartovics

From Rowan's mom, Stacia Bartovics ...

"My son, Rowan is a United States Marine. In a modern world where many young people look for the easy way out, I think this is a brave and counter cultural choice.

He is in the Infantry, and that alone makes someone hero material. The fact that someone is willing to pick up a gun and go into a combat zone to work and defend me and my other 7 children deserves our gratitude. Like Our Lord, who laid down His life for us, those Marines who are willing to serve in combat areas are willing to lay down their lives for us. There is a saying that goes "Pacifism is a luxury paid for by warriors." And, I can't begin to tell you how much that statement means to me.

I am proud of him because the journey to become a Marine is hard, and he had to overcome some pretty big obstacles to attain his goal. I have fully accepted that it can't always be someone else's son. We did our best with the graces of God to raise a young man who was willing to do the hard thing. I am proud of my son because he chose to man up and join the military because he wanted to serve his country and do his part to keep us free.

He is a young man who grew up serving at the Altar and loves his holy Catholic faith. I am very thankful to the good, holy and faithful Catholic priests who preach the truth in season and out of season, who helped us form him and make him into the young man he is today."

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