Combat Rosaries for Heroes, February 2 Recipient

Our hero today, Brian, is married to our next hero, Annette 

On behalf of our family, I nominate my brother-in-law, Brian DeMeuse.  Brian has worked in law enforcement for the City of Brookfield Police Department for 26 years.  In 2015, Brian was promoted to lieutenant.  He spent the first six years of his career in patrol and has spent the last twenty in supervision.  Even when Brian is off duty, he considers himself on duty.  In 2012, on the day of the Azana Salon shooting, he left a family party to assist his co-workers even though it was his off day.  He proceeded to work around the clock and did not return home until the following day.  He is a humble man, takes his job seriously, and is not afraid to go where others may fear.   Enough good cannot be written or said about him.  He is definitely a hero within our family.


For more information on nominating a hero you know, go HERE.